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Apostle Charley Ford

Make Excellence A Tradition

Apostle Charley Ford

He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of God's Powerhouse Christian Center, in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He holds and maintains the title of Apostle with God's Powerhouse Ministries, in which he is Founder and General Overseer. He also Evangelizes throughout the United States, operating in the gifts of the Spirit, however, it is the Gift of Prophecy and Healing he operates in the strongest. God has given him the Gift of Prophecy mainly writing these prophecies on paper ahead of time and then showing him who they are for at the appointed time, usually at the end of his preaching. God has given him and he has been obedient to give them out at the appropriate time to untold thousands, and so far he has experienced supernatural accuracy, even if the prophecy had to be translated by an interpreter, which has happened many times.

He is also the author of four books, Knowledge of the H.O.L.Y., The Taking Of Ruth Ann,
From the Heart, and Why Are You Sick?. God gave him the four word prayer, Make Me Like Jesus (MMLJ), and has been commissioned by the Lord, and is still in the process of taking it to the world. He understands that God has His perfect timing for all things as long as we listen and follow closely to His plans, not ours.

His heart's desire is to teach, train and bring forth the very 'elite' of ministers to take the Gospel to the world. He does this by teaching Leadership/Ministry Classes every Tuesday at 6:30 PM. He also ministers Sunday Morning Worship Service and Wednesday night to the adults. In popular demand is a teaching Apostle Ford has been given and ministered,
10 Things Every New Preacher Should Know. They are always asked about copies of this audio CD.     
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Forgiveness Is A Decision

Pastor BJ Ford

BJ is the wife of Apostle Charley Ford, and is the Senior Co-Pastor of GPCC. She is a woman who is God-Centered, & not 'self-centered'. Her heart's desire is to teach not only other women but all of the saints how important it is for them to stay focused on God, and trust in Him in every situation and for every concern they may have, for she is also a mother of 6 and a grandmother & she understands the pressures and concerns people may face on a day to day basis. Her dynamic approach to helping others can be seen & heard on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM as she teaches the basic foundations for all of the new adult converts or even those who have never had the opportunity to begin their Christian walk with a strong foundation, or when she is out ministering in preaching, speaking or teaching in the powerful anointing the Lord has placed on her.

She is the author of four books, From Birth to Reborn, '"CHRISTIAN"...A Race of its Own, ' What Color is Jesus and The Laughter, Tears and Perils of a Pastor's Wife Called For Such A Time As This.. And she is now in the process of writing another book titled, Etiquettes for Minister's Wives and Ministries. It will be about the do's and don'ts of Ministries when you go out to minister. It is directed to the women who are either Pastor's wives or women in the ministry of preaching and evangelizing. This is a subject she feels is of great necessity, for many have not been properly taught the importance of the topics she brings out
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Get The REAL View

Increasing Faith

Bishop Danny Scott

Danny is the Co-Pastor of God's Powerhouse Christian Center, as well as what Apostle Ford believes is one of Oklahoma's best kept secrets. He carries a powerful anointing as well as a strong word from God's Word. He also holds and maintains the title of Bishop with God's Powerhouse Ministries, and is the President of GPM.

He evangelizes wherever the Lord leads him. When he is not holding a revival outside of GPCC, you will find him preaching the Word with signs following ministering in Praise and worship and the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our Thursday Night Bible Study at 7:00 PM with Pastor Danny Scott and our Sunday Night Services at 6:00 PM. (Please see our Men's Menistry page for more information on Danny Scott) 
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Forgiveness Reaps Forgiveness

Brandy Scott

Brandy Co-Pastors along with her husband, Bishop Danny Scott at GPCC, as well as leading the Praise Team into worship along with her husband each service. She sings, mimes and minister's God's Word in such a unique and powerful way, as well as portrays Characters such as, the late Kathryn Kuhlman, the late Aimee Semple McPherson, and Miriam, the sister of Moses throughout the United States. She has founded Last Days' Mime & Ministry, and teaches miming weekly. She is also President of For Such A Time As This Women's Ministries.   Visit My FaceBook Page 

The Rivers Of God

Lead Associate Pastors - Pastors Sean and Jennifer Wilson

Sometimes the Lord is kind enough to allow people like Sean and Jennifer Wilson into peoples' lives. They are a dynamic Team and are such shining examples of Who Jesus is and we believe many will get saved through this ministry.

They hold and obtain title as Associate Pastors.

They both are multi-talented and we are blessed to have them.

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Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost

Pastor Judy Villalobos

Judy is our K.I.D.S. {Kids In Divine Service} Unlimited Pastor as well as our Adult Sunday School Teacher. Pastor Judy has a vision and a zeal to train up kids in the way they should go. The Lord has given her so many ideas and ways to 'impart' Jesus not only into these young lives so strong that they will always have that impact on their lives, especially those whose parents aren't serving the Lord, but also the lives of every adult who attends her class. She strongly teaches that there is no limitation to what Christ can do for and through them. She also is an anointed singer and does comedy as well.

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No Compromise

Youth Pastors for God's Powerteenz  - Ryan & Darla Ford

Ryan and Darla are the Youth Pastors over God's Powerteenz, which meet every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM. 

They are both faithful to oversee the Teens as souls that will one day do great things for the Lord.  

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Associate Pastors Joseph and Natasha Justice    Visit Joseph's FaceBook Page     Visit Natashia's FaceBook Page

Pastor Natasha went home to be with the Lord after about a 10 month health battle. And it hasn't been easy for Pastor Joseph, left behind, raising two younger children, one being a special needs child, who is growing into an amazing young man. And an amazing teenage daughter. We have seen the battle and the cost and are so proud of the way that Pastor Joseph has it made through. He does not minister at Nursing homes now, but he is proving himself to be a blessing in many other ways as he continues to carry his mantle.


Ray Ferguson     918-616-5397
Pastor of Jail Ministry

Pastor Ray is faithful to visit the jail and ministers to those who are at that point in their lives where they are truly needing to know that someone cares and is always ready to pray with them. 

He also hold Pray Meetings for Seniors and Bible Studies, as well as Pastors on Friday nights at his Church. 

Powerful anointed man of God.

Nikki Morris        Visit Nikki's FaceBook Page
Pastor of God's Power Tots.     

Nikki is Pastor over the nursery at GPCC.  She isn't just a babysitter, those babies are taught all about Jesus from day one. 

God's Power Tots, designed to be able to reach these little ones at a level only they can comprehend with the Word of God.

Each one of these precious little souls are taken care of and watched over.

Nikki attends Leadership Training where she carries an A average.


God has put together quite a team to lead the congregation at GPCC, and has brought many awesome leaders to do a work. The Fords and the Scott's are able to go out and minister as a result of this without it harming the flow of the Spirit in their own church body. So if you are interested in having them come and minister at your church you may contact them at:

God's Powerhouse Christian Center
1616 E. Hancock
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74403
(918) 360-7274


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